Sketchy Marriage Proposal Rocked

The perfect marriage proposal with the element of surprise!

Huffington Post featured an article titled: This Disc Jokey’s Sketchy Marriage Proposal Rocked

As a disc jockey, Scotty Brooks is used to playing up the element of surprise.

He perfected it in a marriage proposal for his girlfriend Dianne that can best be described as sketchy.

Brooks, a DJ for 100.5 The Drive in Rochester, had an ingenious idea to propose to Dianne via a caricature artist.

“I was trying to think of something different to do [for a proposal], said Brooks, who has dated Dianne for about three years. “She has a love of pictures and things to hang up on the wall so I asked myself ‘What can I do so she has a physical memory of that day?”

Brooks came up with his caricature idea and then got sneaky.

He found the perfect spot to propose — the gardens of the historic Ellwanger Estate in Rochester — and found a caricature artist who was willing to play along. The caricature artist was Dave Bippy Boyer from Rochester, NY.

But, how could he explain to Dianne that a caricature artist would randomly be waiting for them at the gardens when they arrived for a Sunday stroll?

He couldn’t.

So he told her his radio station was offering free caricatures that day for all Clear Channel Media employees and their families as a promotion. He also told his co-workers his plan so they could play along if she asked them about the caricatures.

Dianne fell for it.

The couple arrived for their “scheduled” sit down with the caricature artist and posed for fifteen minutes as he sketched them — adding a big ring and a “Will you marry me?” bubble.

They were the longest fifteen minutes of Brooks’ life and then, were followed by the longest ten seconds as the artist presented the sketch to them and Dianne looked at it not quite comprehending.

“Are you serious?” she finally asked.

When Brooks answered by getting down on one knee, she knew the answer.

And he already knew hers.

See more photos of the proposal here on Brooks’ blog. The entire process was photographed by the artist’s wife for “promotional purposes.”

Are you Serious? Elopements at the Ellwanger Estate



Valentines “Blessing” Vow Renewal Ceremony 2/14/14

“Valentine’s Day only comes once a year and there is tremendous demand from couples to renew their vows…So …
Say “I’d do it all over again!” with a small group vow renewal at the beautiful Ellwanger mansion. Renewing wedding vows can be a meaningful and touching ceremony for you and your spouse. Significant anniversaries are especially appropriate times for renewing your commitment and love. Whether you’ve been married 10 years or 50 years, we think it’s a special time, and would be honored to host your vow renewal ceremony at The Ellwanger Estate. The carved mantel, woodwork and the inviting elegant decor of the Ellwanger makes the perfect backdrop for your vow renewal.
The Ellwanger Estate Vow Renewal Package Includes:
• Officiant Frank Howard
• Professional Photographer, Keith Bullis will photograph the event and the couples. Purchase of photographs is optional–photos will be available for viewing and ordering online after the event.
• Chilled sparkling non-alcoholic juice to toast (or bring in your own Champagne)
• Cake
• Cheese board
• Red rose bouquet and boutonnière

Package Price $199
plus room rates if desired via website reservations
max rooms available=4

Event Details
Location: The Ellwanger Estate, 625 Mt Hope Ave, Rochester, NY 14620
Date and Time: Valentines Day, Friday 2/14/2014, Ceremony begins at 4 p.m.
Dress: Your choice–from wedding dress to jeans.
How can you participate?
 All married couples are invited to a non-denominational group vow renewal ceremony at The Ellwanger Estate
No marriage license is required for the vow renewal ceremony. The vow renewal ceremony does not have legal significance.
How to participate: the vow renewal is open to all who would like to participate – local residents and visitors. MAX 10 couples. You must pre-register by emailing (send your full names),
Your reservation will be confirmed once your check arrivals via mail: Ellwanger Estate, 625 Mt Hope Ave, Roc 14620.

“By your continued love and commitment, with the reaffirmation you make today, before your beloved, it is my honor to present you once again as husband and wife”.



 “Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower”  Albert Camus


The time is at hand to prepare for what is my favorite season–Autumn.  It promises to be a rich pear harvest for our annual pear butter creation–an Ellwanger Estate specialty.  What a great cooking class that would be!


Come experience unparalleled striking autumn foliage of 
the Finger Lakes Region. Rochester, NY will delight you with it’s food and fun while experiencing our cultural venue, and our luxurious accommodations.  What a perfect weekend.


Hope you can join us for a magical Holiday weekend for 2 or 3 day stay at the Ellwanger Estate B&B.