Romantic Inn / B&B & Couples Getaway in Rochester

Kiss & Tell

Not Just Another B&B

What do you get when you mix teens and pre-teens together with a kitty litter cake, soap making demonstrations, pizza party and an all night slumber party?  Not much slumber for sure!  It probably had something to do with the ghost stories told by the guests.  Can’t wait for the next teen event- a sweet sixteen slumber party next week!

Speaking of ghost-we don’t have any.  Sorry.  If that disappoints you there is always the Lizzie Borden B&B.  How exciting that would be for ghost lovers.

Ah and for excitement, life at the Ellwanger has certainly been that and more.  The month of May has been chock full of guests celebrating anything from a U of R or RIT graduation, to a Mother’s Day Tea, RPO events, and a couture wedding dress photo shoot.

While May has proven to be more like April, the only thing that has been hampered is Lilac Festival. The Lilacs themselves have flourished. Please come see for yourselves!

Lax and Relax

Even if you’re not a horticulturalist or a gardening expert, you can still appreciate all the beauty that Mother Nature has to offer with a garden stay at the Ellwanger Estate bed & breakfast. The Ellwanger offers a Zen-like sanctuary with stunning gardens and outdoor views that may inspire you to create your own secret garden.

The Ellwanger Garden is home to over 300 different varieties of perennials, roses, peonies, and also features award winning pear trees. Our guests are invited to walk through the meandering garden paths, or sit, reflect and mediate.  Or you may wish to sign up for horticultural seminars at the Rochester Civic Garden Center. And as a special treat, all guest receive heirloom seed packs, compliments of the Estate.  Hope to see you down the garden path.

The Ellwanger Estate caters to women

We all have gift and talents. The most important thing is to recognize yours. We at the Ellwanger Estate B&B recognize our gifts and talents are in catering to women.

As a businesswoman myself, I know that I am interested in creature comforts that suit me as a female traveler: from plush robes to vanity mirrors. So the Ellwanger Estate has gradually been doing more to cater to the female traveler.

Everyone wants a safe, comfortable place to sleep, wash up, and maybe get some work done. So how does the Ellwanger Estate cater to women? You find out what they’re looking for and you give it to them. And women want a spa: everything from license massage therapy, thick bathrobes, curved shower-rods, vanity mirrors, book lights, I Pod docking stations, yoga mats, gourmet coffees and teas and satin-covered hangers.

There are more and more women in the workplace now and I think we don’t pay enough attention to their needs. By providing such items as fluffy robes, a ladies-only emergency kit containing pantyhose and tampons, make-up removal kit, hair dryers, magazines and large sizes of toiletry products, the Ellwanger Estate B&B has given women more space in their suitcases for shoes.

However, it’s not all about superior levels of service and amenities, it’s also about safety. Some concerns, such as safety, are important no matter what your gender. The Ellwanger Estate offers on site parking, steps from the front door. The grounds are surround by a gated stonewall, and a home security system. You have a sense that you are in a secret garden.

But it does not end there. Almost every woman I know who travels a lot works out a lot. Just a block from the estate is the Genesee River Trail. This trail runs up to 7 miles with loops from 0.6-2.6 miles along the scenic Genesee River. Great for a run or a stroll.

Travelers also expect to be rewarded for their loyalty. Loyalty is huge. So the Ellwanger Estate has a return guest 10% discount. For our return guest, the Ellwanger Estate provides consistency, and the more consistency you can have in your travel, the less disorienting it is.

One of our guests was so enamoured with the Ellwanger Estate, that by the-end of her trip she was a bit reluctant to leave, stating, “I wish we would of had more time to spend enjoying those spacious living rooms and reading nooks. Being in the historic part of Rochester with all the mature trees was excellent with the fall foliage. Whether being indoors looking out from a reading nook or out on the grounds of the estate -it was relaxing. “

The feeling is welcoming. The look is more European, yet clean and crisp. The response has been “positive, positive, positive.” And yes “The Ellwanger Estate is on my list”.