Ellwanger Estate B&B “Staying INN at the ELL”

This was first published in my newsletter on April 20, 2020
Meet the 7 dwarfs that are ” Staying INN at the ELL”
Grumpy, Sweaty, Bloaty, Sleepy, Hopeful, Forgetful, and Psycho

Grumpy: “Ya crazy fool! Fine time ya picked to sneeze!” 

While NY is “On Pause”, the Ellwanger Estate is on Many Pause.
Many Pause at the Ellwanger Estate has given us an opportunity to shore up our health for the future,
and explore real opportunities for enhancement. For more opportunities at the Ellwanger Estate…read on.


While we continue to monitor the coronavirus updates in our community, we have taken this opportunity to rethink, rewire, and rebalance a selection of non-intrusive and innovative guest experiences. There is an overwhelming need for discretion, privacy, and distancing, all in the pursuit of a calming and relaxing experience. Within a city environment we provide an oasis from hustle and bustle. There are many ingredients we need to have just right to enable our guests to relax – from the room layout and noise isolation and healthy dining options to non-intrusive, seamless services.
Here are just a few:
Breakfast is now offered either in the Dining room, Veranda, or in-room service. Dining tables are set for individual guest rooms. 
Cookies and snacks are now served on individual plates prepared in the kitchen – no communal plates or containers.
Al fresco dining will be offered for lunch and dinner.
The mansion will be a sanctuary for registered guests only. The maximum number of registered guest will be 10 total, within 7,000 sq ft mansion/veranda/patio/Rec Room/garden/lawn, and 3 beautiful idyllic acres to walk and enjoy. Any reunion with invited friends or family members will be offered in the garden, or on veranda. 
To reduce your exposure to others during your visit, room service will now be upon request.
Our  meticulous standards continue: Before each guest arrives, rooms are cleaned and disinfected. I use effective cleaning solutions and wipe down all surfaces throughout the mansion. Think OCD.
Breakfast is prepared by me, and I am a licensed food handler.
I use gloves as necessary while preparing food. All plates, silverware, cooking utensils are washed in a commercial sanitizing dishwasher.
Linens are washed and sanitized. Each room has a private bathroom. Room doors and windows are open for fresh air circulation while cleaning.
~Think Safety ~Think Best Practice~Think Gift Certificates~
We all have different priorities now, but I challenge you to keep your eyes on sustainability this 50th Earth Day (April 22) and every day–even as you fight your way through the current crisis.
Thank you ALL for your many thoughtful emails, text, calls and instagram likes, posts and comments.Please feel free to share this newsletter with a friend or family member
Looking forward to seeing you soon!