Ellwanger Estate B&B Offers an Island of Wellness, by Nancy O’Donnell

As the old saying goes, “We live in interesting times.”
For the first time in its thirty-eight year history, The WEDGE Newspaper April/May issue can be read online only. With so many Rochester and suburban restaurants and shops, libraries and colleges closed–our usual drop off spots—we decided against a print issue this time around.

Please DO take just a few minutes to read the WEDGE Newspaper April/May

The paper is as packed as ever with entertaining stories about our community–
The South Wedge Farmers Market moves to a new space in June! Rochester City Council member Mary Lupien makes city proceedings more transparent while David H. Day describes his experience “Kondo-ing” his house. Michele Martell rhapsodizes about the beauty of trees, and Patti Giglio tells the story of the “Lost Souls of Highland Park.”
You can read about Ellwanger Estate B&B: Ellwanger Estate B&B Offers an Island of Wellness on page 6,(and book a future date). Read about local activist Jayne Morgan, this year’s David Halter Community Champion award winner, and Bob Palmer’s a Swillburg family. And there’s still more.
Pages 8-9 provide a valuable list of the many community neighborhood resources available during the pandemic.

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We send our warmest thoughts to the community. Stay safe; stay in. Good weather and good times are somewhere on the horizon. Sending rays of Hope and Joy on this Easter Sunday.

A bicycle gets a new life, and geraniums get a ride at Ellwanger Barry Estate Bed & Breakfast on Mt. Hope Avenue (Photo by Elizabeth Campbell)