Announcing the Ellwanger award of 5 Green Leafs from Audubon International

HOT NEWS! The phone call came in just minutes ago, announcing:

Audubon International GREEN LEAF™ RATING 0f 5 (out of 5-the highest possible rating)! And it reads:

Ellwanger Estate B & B in Rochester, N.Y.
has achieved a rating of 5 Green Leafs
With an overall Green Leaf™ Survey score of 90.77%.

Congratulations on becoming a Green Leaf™ Eco-Rated Member in the Audubon Green Leaf™ Eco-Rating Program for Hotels! TerraChoice Environmental Services Inc. is pleased to provide this assessment of your facility’s overall environmental performance.

Your score of 5 Green Leafs confirms that Ellwanger Estate B & B is a world industry leader in eco-efficiency. Ellwanger Estate B & B is part of a select group that is continually introducing new environmental policies and best environmental practices that serve as goals and targets for the rest of the accommodation industry.

Ellwanger Estate B & B should be commended on taking steps towards realizing the cost savings and market potential behind adopting the accommodation industry’s Best Environmental Practices.

YOUTUBE MOVIE:  You are greener than you think. Green… “The Ellwanger Way” walks you through conservation, preservation and resourcing-to enhance your way to green.  Since this presentation, the Ellwanger Estate has been awarded 5 out of 5 green leaves in the Audubon International Green Leaf Lodging Program.