Recommended Walking/Riding Tours of the South Wedge, Rochester, NY Rose O’Keefe, Author of Rochester’s South Wedge and Southeast Rochester.

 1A)  FOR A SHORT, PLEASANT WALK: Go right at the end of the driveway to McLean Street Wiltsey House is on the s.w. corner, p. 45 in R’s S. Wedge.

Turn right and go down the slope to the River Walk across the street on Wilson Blvd.

Going south is towards the University of Rochester, pp. 14-17 in SE Roch. There’s a good view of downtown by the curve in the path before the parking lot.

Return the same way.

 1B)  Going north on the River Walk is towards the Ford Street Bridge. pp. 21, 22 in SE Roch. The view of downtown at sunset is marvelous south of the bridge.

If you return to Mt. Hope Ave. at the Episcopal Senior Life complex just north of the bridge, p. 45 in SE Roch., 20-34 in R’s S. Wedge, then you can walk along part of  the Historic Preservation District to 625 Mt. Hope. pp. 42 to 48 and 110 in R’s S. Wedge — 625 is on p. 44.

 2)  FOR A LONGER WALK OR BIKE RIDE: Go right at the end of the driveway, south past McLean Street. Green thumbs will want stop in at Artful Gardener at 727 Mt. Hope.

Shortly past that shop is the North Entrance to Mount Hope Cemetery.

pp. 109-119 in R’s S. Wedge, and 48-52 in SE Roch. You can spend hours walking, biking or driving around the cemetery. There are regularly scheduled walking history tours.

Richard Reisem’s book, Buried Treasure in Mount Hope Cemetery is full of information.

Susan B. Anthony’s family plot is near the top of the cobblestone drive; Frederick Douglass’ family plot is further south across from Highland Avenue.

Return the same way.

 3) FOR MORE OF AN OUTING: Drive north on Mt. Hope Ave. to 1 Mt. Hope. p. 27 in SE Roch., 9-10 in R’s S. Wedge.

Make a hard right on South Avenue. One block south is Nathanial Square Park. pp. 53 and 55 in R’s S.Wedge

If you’re into renovating older homes, check out Historic House Parts at 540 South Ave.

There are a number of places to eat – from funky and affordable John’s Tex Mex across from Nathanial Square to upscale dining at Zeppa Bistro at the German House, 315 Gregory St.  p. 79 in R’s S. Wedge

The Douglass family homestead was on the location of #12 School, p. 66 in SE Roch.; 97 in R’s S. Wedge. Up the hill from there is Highland Bowl with the statue of Frederick Douglass, 120-122 in R’ S. Wedge; 71-76 in SE Roch.

Scenic Robinson Drive is on the north side of the bowl and goes back to Mt. Hope Ave., across from the north entrance to the cemetery. 625 Mt. Hope is to the right in the Historic Preservation District, pp. 42-48 in R’s S. Wedge.

On the south side of Highland Bowl, to the east at 180 Reservoir Ave is the Lamberton Conservatory, p. 73 in SE Roch.; to the west on Reservoir is the entrance to Werner Castle with its sunken garden, p.53 in SE Roch.  It is the home of Rochester Civic Garden Center at 5 Castle Park and a short distance south of 625 Mt. Hope Ave. Enjoy!